What is VPN?

What is a VPN internet account?

VPN is a virtual private network or tunnel over the Internet. Each VPN connection is completely anonymous and encrypted and helps keep your activities hidden and secure. VPN internet access is an attractive option for people worried about their online security and privacy and those who are behind firewalls or proxies.

With a personal VPN account you can use the internet like the rest of the world, and you can bypass blocks that prevent you from making calls from your PC using Skype, MSN or other Voice applications. This service is best for people in Dubai, UAE, Kuwait, UAE, Turkey, Thailand, and China where many websites are blocked, including blogs, news sites, adult and casino sites.

"Wi-Fi Hotspots Become Hackers' Delight" WSJ

You can use it at public Wi-Fi hotspots (hotels, restaurants, cafe etc.) to secure your internet connection and as general security measure against online attacks, hacking and data theft. All connections are encrypted using a strong 128bit tunnel and your IP address is completely hidden. You will be hidden behind our IP address and cannot be traced and monitored.

If you live in a region or work in an office that regulates your internet access then this service is perfect for you! If you need anonymous and secure internet access then this service also for you!

The 3-in-1 solution:

  1. Change your IP address
  2. Encrypt your internet
  3. Tunnel through firewalls & proxies

Benefits of a VPN account:

  • Provides a layer of security and anonymity
  • Prevents your ISP from regulating your connection
  • Stops people tracking you by your IP address
  • Encrypted connection between your computer and the Internet
  • Access blocked sites and bypass proxy and content filters
  • Internet Service Provider won't know you are using it
  • Bypass Skype/MSN blocks in your country
  • Skype sound quality may improve with a VPN connection
  • Visit all blocked/censored websites, like Orkut, Youtube, Facebook, Xing and many tv and news sites

Access the internet through a secure encrypted connection to our servers and bypass restrictions in your country. VPN connections are easily set up on most computers and mobile devices.

More benefits:

  • Your real IP address is invisible, we give you a new one!
  • We anonymize you at work or school even behind a firewall
  • We give you a static USA,UK,CA, IP address
  • 128bit Strong Encryption prevents anyone from spying on you
  • We use the OpenVPN protocol which is fast and easy to setup
  • L2TP/IPSEC/SSTP VPN/PPTP is also included
  • VOIP Devices - Make calls even if blocked by your ISP
  • Full protection in WiFi Hotspots - All data from your computer is fully encrypted.
  • Secures your connection at hotels, airports, internet cafes, etc
  • Protects you from DNS spoofing
  • You are protected against popular forms of online attacks
  • Full uncensored internet in the Middle East and Asia. For example when blocked by Etisalat proxy in Dubai or Qtel in Qatar, or behind China's firewall

How it works:

It is unbelievably simple! First you would connect to the internet as usual, then you connect to our servers using the details we provide. The connection is established from a VPN client software on your computer. A VPN is basically a connection inside another connection or a "tunnel". Then all internet traffic will pass through the secure connection. Setup is VERY easy and fast, and works on Windows, MAC and most Wi-Fi Devices like iPad and smartphones.